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Switching version breaks workspace structre

Question asked by griner on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by bnayak-esristaff

we run a transactional versioning geodatabase off a Microsoft SQL Server (standard edition 2016) with our enterprise geodatabase at version 10.6.1


We use the versioning as a workflow management tool for a staff of about 20 people editing their individual versions; another staff of about 5 review the versions and then reconcile and post them to the 'DEFAULT' version (aka the production version).

Our versioned geodatabase is built of 3 feature datasets with 3-8 feature classes in each feature dataset. I.e. switching a version switches all 3 feature datasets and their feature classes.  Normally this is not a problem. In our TOC / 'List by Source' (aka workspaces) the structure of the 3 feature datasets and their feature classes is correctly represented in the nested levels with little '+' and '-' boxes to expand and collapse.

Once in a while, a reviewer will switch to someone's version and the workspace structure breaks apart and is flattened out. No longer showing the feature datasets, nor even the name of the versioned workspace !

We've watched the staff in their process and they don't appear to be doing anything wrong when creating their versions and there is no one person for which this problem occurs all the time. This happens maybe 1 out of 50 versions we go through.

Finally, we have found that if the staff person simply renames their version.  No editing of the version's content - just changes 1 letter of the version's name - the problem goes away and the reviewer can switch to that version and it correctly maintains the workspace structure in the TOC.

In case you wonder, we keep the geodatabase compressed (i.e. the "Compress Geodatabase" action under "Administration" when right clicking on a .SDE file for that geodatabase.

Anybody have any idea what's going on?