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Importing a DEM file gives me an Error. How can I fix it?

Question asked by nauman1234 on May 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by CIten-esristaff


I have downloaded a trail version of City Engine 2019. It was working all fine until this one stupid issue came up. 
I am working on Traffic simulation so i need real world maps and roads. I imported a OSM of small town in my city into City engine with building and streets. But the issue comes when i try to import a terrain in the scene. A terrain is a DEM file of that small town. 

This message pops up when i try to import the DEM file into scene


"Import Failed

The data is Located too far from the current scene's contents. Either edit the (geo-)location of the data, choose an adequate projection or import it into a new empty CityEngine scene."


I saw one post about this issue on this forum. He/she said it was the problem of image (.tif) resolution. whenever His/her image resolution was more than (1000x1000) he/she will get this error. He/She solved it by importing smaller resolution image like (849x925) of .jpg format.

I tried this and imported a heightmap of .png format and it worked also the image resolution was more than (1000x1000) but when I try the same image with .tif format it does not work. I downloaded the the heightmap of .png format from while .tif format from

If the error is because of resolution than how can I change the resolution of the image. My image is in .tif format.

If not than tell me how can I solve this issue. 

Please help me i need to complete this task ASAP.


I have attached the ScreenShot of the error message.