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Is a Map Series Page Query supposed to affect the Map View it is based on?

Question asked by walker_nifc on May 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by walker_nifc

I'm not understanding why/when features are drawing in the map view my map series is using when I set a page query.


The query is set on an annotation layer.
Everything appears to draw correctly when viewing the series in the layout, honoring the page query.


However, when working in the map view, not everything displays and it even seems to change occasionally when switching between map and layout or reopening the project.




The first screenshot is without the page query set.

The second is after setting it to the MapSeriesPage field.

The third is after messing around trying to figure out why Test wasn't displaying, not changing any settings.

All three are from the map view.


What is the expected behavior in the Map View for drawing features that are part of a map series page query?