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new users unable to login to Portal after 10.7 upgrade

Question asked by jwolff on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by MGeddes-esristaff

Our regular Portal admin is out today, and we just finished upgrading to 10.7 yesterday.  Before the upgrade, new users would initially login to Portal, and then after their first login we (admins) would invite them to their appropriate group(s).  Since upgrading to 10.7 this no longer works.  After clicking our Enterprise login and entering their creds, they receive the message: Unable to signup user because of a software authorization error.  Please contact your ArcGIS Enterprise administrator for assistance.


This does not seem to be an AD issue, because they are in the correct AD groups and are entering their credentials - it seems to be Portal isn't accepting them for whatever reason.


Again, I'm not our regular guy to handle this stuff, but we're getting a lot of tickets about this today and I'd like to solve it if possible.  Thanks.