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Explorer for ArcGIS Offline feature search (search by layer with locate tool) issue

Question asked by mclee654 on May 9, 2019
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I use Explorer for ArcGIS v18.1.0 on Android Tablet.   I create an offline project with activated layer features search by using the Locate tool on ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2.  I also turn off the online address locator such as XY provider and ArcGIS World Geocoding Service on the Locate tool settings.  I export the .mmpk file into my desktop hard drive and upload to my Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablet.

If I Turn ON the wi-fi connection on my tablet, the feature search function seems good except one thing:  The secondary line of each search result item shows the location name (e.g.: Kisumu, Kenya) instead of the latitude-longitude (e.g.:  -0.28212, 34.94756).  If I click a feature on the map, the secondary line of each item on the pop-up window shows similar things.

If I Turn OFF the wi-fi connection on my tablet, the feature search function fails with an error message on the bottom of the screen said "No Internet Connection  RETRY".  If I click a feature on the map, the secondary line of each item on the pop-up window shows the latitude-longitude (e.g.: -0.28212, 34.94756).

Does anyone have a similar issue?  Did I miss something in the settings?  The Offline Feature Search function on Explorer for ArcGIS should work under either an online or offline environment.  Why it needs the internet connection to make it work?  I know the other solution (workaround) is to create own locator for each layer you want to search, but it would be tedious if you update some map very frequently.

Attached the screenshots for all the four scenarios described above.