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ArcGIS Pro Table Join Shows Wrong Records

Question asked by wildhog on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2019 by wildhog

I have a feature layer that I am joining a table to. The table has multiple records that match some of the features in the feature layer; so when I perform the join there are duplicate features that have different attributes from the joined table. 


When I use a definition query (on a field in the joined table) to get a subset of the feature class it doesn't always take the matching table attribute data; it sometimes uses the attribute data for a records that does not fit the definition query. 


Here is my example:

The definition query is for all features where Field 6 equals 6006; but for some of the features with multiple records in the table it is not taking the record that fits the query. 


I have tried duplicating this in ArcMap and do not have this same problem. All features match the definition query. 


Is there a fix for this?