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Phantom Features in Pro

Question asked by amynewsam on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by amynewsam

I've been having difficulties with features from other layers that are not turned on suddenly appearing when zooming in and out or otherwise navigating around the map.  They come and go, and it is particularly problematic when trying to cut and paste from one layer into another (Actually, I've stopped even trying to do that as it is so buggy).  Also after exporting features to a new feature class, they will sometimes all just disappear, except for one, even though they are shown as existing in the table, and closing down and reopening does not help.  In those cases I just give up and delete the file and re-export the data.  It is rather annoying and time-wasting.  Is this just a known problem, unsolvable on my end, or is there something I can do to reduce this behavior?