Story Map Shortlist:  Pop-ups in polygon layer stop working

Discussion created by jsassojr on May 9, 2019

I created a Story Map Shortlist which is a combination of several layers:  a point-based layer containing markers to museums the user can click on for more info, and polygon-based layers which are the boundaries of the towns and the counties they are in.   In ArcGIS Online, I configured pop-ups for the polygons so that if a user clicks anywhere in the town boundary (but not on the museum marker), they'll get a pop-up for the info on the town, then can click on the right arrow to get a popup for the info on the county the town is in.


PROBLEM:  Suppose I bring up the Story Map in my browser for the first time, and can bring up the aforementioned town/county (polygon) popups.  If I then click on a marker for a museum, which correctly brings up the info for the museum in the left-hand panel, what oddly happens is that I can no longer bring up the popups for the towns or counties.  Weird behavior.  I have to actually refresh the web page in the browser to get the popups working again, but once I click on a museum marker, BAM!, I can no longer bring up the popups. I have tried different browsers, on both Windows and MacOS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to resolve this!