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Help with Analysis Tools - which one ?

Question asked by Heather.Brown on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Heather.Brown

frustrated and no one can seem to help me ! So, I am reaching out!

The goal is this :

   I have @31,000 miles of lines and @ 23,000 map grids. I need to cut the line segment at the mapgrid and have each segment add  the attributes of the map grid that it is in. Ultimately, I then take that data and I  know exactly how much of each type of line segment is in each mapgrid - then I can update another software program.


You would thing this would be something easy - but it has been a total nightmare.


Clip doesn't work - too much data.

Identity tool - duplicates 100,000 + rows

Intersect tool - duplicates data (just a little less then Identity tool).   

   and- I started out with 31,800 miles and end up with 30,700 miles … what the heck is that about?


And- if it is duplicating data and losing miles - where the heck is the data that makes up the entire 31,800 Miles?


Please help me - this really should be a simple thing and literally I have scoured my company for help - to no avail.


I am willing to try anything … It cannot be as difficult as it has been.