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Listen for panel open

Question asked by khibmaesri-ca-esridist Employee on May 7, 2019
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Would it be possible to setup an event to "listen" for a panel open? If so, could you provide a sample?


Specifically I want to listen for when the Edit widget > attribute editor popup opens and automatically update a value. There aren't really any hooks on the popup, I'd probably need to find it via the class name and then cycle through to the appropriate input attribute I want to populate. 


I have briefly looked at the Smart Editor and it appears to have more hooks, but I'd still need to solve the first problem of listening for it's open and then identifying the attribute panel. 


Workflow details....

The value being populated is coming from an input box on the theme/foldabletheme/widgets/headercontroller/widget.js /widget.html (essentially a session ID for the edit)

I realize there might be other ways to implement this workflow, and would consider them. At this point though we want to go with the idea of having a "global textbox" at the top of the app, you fill in this value and then as you create features via edit an attribute is populated with that value.