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Best Storymap template for a cell-phone walking tour?

Question asked by bgis_dt_w18_davisaurini on May 7, 2019

I'm trying to build an app that serves as a tour-guide of a historical area; one where the user can explore the area, and at each stop a number of photos and text will explain the history of the area.  But I'm having trouble finding a template that works for this.


The "Map Journal Builder" is almost perfect, except that the cell-phone display covers up the map (making it difficult to find the next location).  It seems better optimized for desktop than smart phone. "Shortlist" produces the sort of interface I want, but it only allows one photo per location.


Here's the current build.  It's perfect on desktop, but no good on cell phones. 


Does anybody have any suggestions on this?  Thanks in advance.