Is it possible to create a Custom TOC control for Engine applications? Any samples?

Discussion created by wguidry on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by wguidry
Currently I'm using the supplied TOCControl that comes with Engine (we are at 9.3.1 currently but will be upgrading to 10 sometime soon). From all indications I've seen the TOCControl still does not support multiple layer selection (which our customers have asked for since 2009). I've voted for it on the new Enhancement site (seems other users want it to).

Instead of waiting, I was interested in looking at providing my own TOC control using a ListView in .NET. Has anyone attempted to do this (and were successful)? It seems it should be possible to write a custom implementation of the TOC control instead of relying on the basic "in the box" controls provided. Is this possible with the current ArcObjects that are exposed?