AverageNearestNeighbor Problems

Discussion created by odonnellm on Mar 2, 2011
I have written a python program (ArcGIS 10) that enumerates a point dataset, creates a feature layer of the point dataset, selects point features around each point and finally calculates the AverageNearestNeighbor_stats if there are more than 2 points selected from the feature layer.

When I run this program I will get some strange output files and the calculation fails. The files that are created are mostly binary (e.g., ga*, ~DF*.tmp, $INVALID LOCATION$#.-, html report files created on local machine).

Here is the python code that applies geoprocessing tool:
nn_output = arcpy.AverageNearestNeighbor_stats(TempFL2, "EUCLIDEAN_DISTANCE", "false", my_Area)

TempFL2: Feature layer of a point data set with a selection of points
my_Area: area in square units used for calculation

All of these files are binary. I have no idea why the html is generated because I have specifically stated to not generate and finally, the calculation is always failing.

Has anyone been using this tool. I am running either from PyScripter or IDLE.

Thanks for the help,