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Excel Hangs at Opening SOLVER.XAML (100%)

Question asked by neiden on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by neiden

Curious thing here & have spent the last hour troubleshooting without luck. I was working on a S123 form earlier in the afternoon, editing and publishing, adjusting the form w/o any trouble, and out of the blue - Excel won't open and hangs at "Opening SOLVER.XAML (100%)". I can't kill it via task manager because it's not in the list of applications running. 


I've tried restarting my computer, and uninstalling/reinstalling Survey123 Connect (v3.3.51) w/o luck. Running it on Win10. Also tried disconnecting from my company's VPN to see if that made a difference - it didn't. Spent time Googling the error and nothing came up. 


The only thing that gets the form to open in Excel is by launching Excel from the taskbar, but not sure if that'll break things if I make edits and save. 


Ideas? Has this happened to anyone else?