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Custom Measurement tool

Question asked by mmoroni on May 2, 2019

I am looking at creating a custom measurement tool within Esri.

I am looking to utilize a measurement tool as it is today, measuring by feet. However, under the results, I am looking for a custom calculation.  This will be used to quote out fees for a new construction.

IE: The measurement tool will take the footage.  It will display the below fields:

 - Feet - The actual measurement

 - Total Estimated cost of drop: Measurement * $3.50 = Displayed value

 - Total Amount Company will cover: measurement * $3.50 OR (400*3.50) - whichever is less would be displayed

 - Total amount to be billed to customer: "Total Estimated cost of drop" - "Total Amount Company will cover" = Displayed value.


I have the calculations configured in an excel doc, but since the Esri measurement tool is absolutely needed, it would be great to use just one tool instead of resorting to a separate excel document.


Thank you in advance.