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StoryMap w/o Pop-ups

Question asked by jsassojr on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by wolftek

I am a historian who is getting his feet wet with ArcGIS Online, Story Maps and GIS, and thus far in ArcGIS Online I have a pretty good map of museums in a region where, if one clicks on the building icon, a pop-up appears showing info (museum name, contact info, address, etc).  I want to move this into the ArcGIS Story Map realm.  Note:  I'm using a free, personal account in ArcGIS.


IDEA:  User pans the map, clicks on icon for museum, and in the left-hand panel of the Story Map, info on the museum (text + images) appears, instead of such appearing in a popup.  I am assuming Story Map Basic would suffice for this.


I'm delving into Story Map how-to videos and web blogs and have been unable to figure out how to get this working.  Perhaps its simple and I'm just missing something, but any help would be greatly appreciated!