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Does ArcGIS Pro have a 'Normal.mxt'?

Question asked by bralph_1 on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by MBDriscoll

I have a situation I can't quite comprehend, let alone explain. On a machine with Pro 2.3 patched to latest, things are generally slow, and opening the attribute table for example is glacial. Compared to a lesser spec'd machine with the same project it is 10x slower taking close to 4s to open the attribute table of a local featureclass.


Here's the twist. If I log into Pro on the same machine, in a new user profile, but a different Esri account, things revert back to normal lightning fast response times! If I log back into the first account, under this new user profile, it immediately slows down.



In the ol' days I'd delete normal.mxt. Does Pro have a similar file / directory I can delete ?