HEC-GeoRAS - RAS Mapper

Discussion created by MBoucher21 on Mar 2, 2011
We were just given computer upgrades and I went to install the latest HEC-RAS version (4.1.0) and noticed on the Corps software page that this version has a "RAS-Mapper". A tech here looked at it and HEC-RAS it appears to take a DEM Float file (.flt) (convert TIN > DEM flt in ArcGIS) and use that to plot flood extents. This almost looks like a work-around from GeoRAS. With the cost of the ESRI software licensing, I can see why the Corps might move some of this functionality into HEC-RAS.

I'm not driven be a project to check out the RAS Mapper, maybe some of you are at that point and could report.

See basics on RAS Mapper at http://www.hec.usace.army.mil/software/hec-ras/hecras-features.html