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ArcGIS Pro scale based symbolization trouble

Question asked by wegngis on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by PChristensenGIS

I've recently been learning how to create maps with scale-based symbology.  It's great until I end up with two symbols for the same scale range.  In the image I've attached, you can see that for value '3' I have two ranges, with two symbols, and no amount of right-clicking or double-clicking or sliding anything brings me to the point where I can have just one.  I don't remember creating those two symbols, it's just as if they're trying to occupy the same space.  It's happening in more than one value as well.  In the second example, you can see near the bottom I've got two symbols occupying the same scale range.  All I want to do is have one symbol for one scale and be done with it.




And another example: