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'ArcGIS Solutions Deployment' add-in error when deploying Survey123 Form [SSL: UNKNOWN PROTOCOL]

Question asked by mmwojciuk_ibs on May 2, 2019

I am having an issue deploying a Survey123 Form from the ArcGIS Solutions Add-In in Pro.  When I try to download any of the Survey Forms, I receive the red X and error of:  <urlopen error [SSL: UNKNOWN PROTOCOL] unknown protocol (_ssl.c:841)>. I am using an organizational account with publisher license and the Office, Essential & Field Apps bundle of licenses (includes Survey123 & Pro).


Just to test, I was able to deploy the Damage Assessment Dashboard successfully, and the associated Dashboard, Web Maps, and Feature Layers show in my ArcGIS Online organizational account in My Content. So I can successfully download/deploy some items, just not any Survey123 Forms.


I am trying to work my way through the Lesson here, if that is any help, but can't get past Step 9 :  Create forms—Collect Hurricane Damage Assessments | ArcGIS 


Thank you!