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Generating Realistic 3D Buildings

Question asked by JenAmes on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by JenAmes

I've been working on a project building a 3D version of the municipality I work for. Nothing too complicated yet, mostly just points (trees, street signs, park benches), but I've been running into some issues with generating 3D buildings. I am familiar with the Local Government 3D Basemaps solution, but it's difficult to follow, and data has to be set up a certain way ahead of time for it to work. I started using the Extract Roof Forms for Municipal Government solution to generate realistic roof forms, because the 3D Basemaps requires building files to have eave height and roof type, but each time I try to run the tool, I receive an error message, most commonly that an ObjectID field does not exist, which it most definitely does.  

We recently had imagery done for our municipality, so I have DTM, DSM and point cloud data already, and generated a nDSM from the data we have. I have a building footprint shapefile (with ObjectID fields). As I stated, I read through and followed the steps for the lessons listed above, and am receiving multiple errors along the way that don't allow me to create the realistic 3D buildings I'm looking for. Why would I be receiving these errors? Is following the steps from these lessons with my own data not going to give me the same output? How can I essentially drape imagery over 3D buildings to create those realistic looking buildings if these lessons are not going to give me the steps I should follow?


Thank you!