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ArcGIS Notebook Server: Windows does not support CPUPeriod

Question asked by mvrticharcdata-cz-esridist Employee on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by rnarayanan-esristaff



I'm having issues running ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.7 on Windows Server 2019 (Version 1809).


Firstly, the ArcGIS Notebook Server installation guide: recommends to install Docker Desktop for Windows, however Docker Desktop for Windows is only supported on Windows 10. After installing Docker Desktop on Windows Server 2019 I was unable to switch Docker to use Linux containers. So I uninstalled Docker Desktop and installed Docker EE following: Then I've followed the Notebook Server installation guide, importing the standard and advanced images using postInstallation utility and federating ArcGIS Notebook Server site with ArcGIS Enterprise base deployment.


Now, there is another issue. Opening the Notebook web UI from the portal website I get this error: Windows does not support CPUPeriod.


Do anybody have a clue how to solve this?