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Survey123 Android App - Intermittent Crashing opening one survey

Question asked by on Apr 30, 2019
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I have a group of users who are experiencing intermittent crashing (the Android 'Survey123 has stopped working' dialog) when opening a survey.


Here are details on the crash:


-They are using Samsung Android tablets (exact model varies, I can get more details)

-Issue has occurred both in office (on WiFi) and in the field (on LTE connection)

-The error only occurs for one survey

-The error has been reproduced on multiple android tablet devices, suggesting it is not a single device specific problem

-The survey is launched by users clicking an arcgis-survey123:// URL, specifying both the itemID and a value for a single field. 

-I was once able to reproduce the problem by starting the survey directly from within the Survey123 app and not via URL

-They typically click this link from within Collector, but I have tested clicking the link from the AGOL webmap in the Google Chrome android app and it also will occasionally result in a crash.  I believe this rules out the transition from Collector app to Survey123 app as the culprit

-In my testing I have reproduced the crash on maybe 3% of survey launches.  Field staff reports suggest they are seeing higher failure rates however 


Here are resolutions we have attempted:


-Deletion and redownloading of the problematic survey via Survey123 app

-In Survey123, going into Settings > Storage > Fix Database

-Uninstall and reinstall of Survey123 app via Google Play store


The problem may not happen again for a while but it always reoccurs eventually.


Here are some things I would rather not do:


-factory reset tablets

-have to republish the survey


Note the large log file involved me repeatedly attempting to reproduce the problem. I have included the whole log because of the information at the beginning on android version, app version etc. The other two logs I have clipped to only include logging from the attempts which actually generated an error.


update: removed first and last names of inspectors from xlsx and re-attached