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Integrating Workforce and Survey123 feature service

Question asked by NEOMAPPER on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by JTedrick-esristaff

I can't figure out why workforce and survey123 won't open an existing point on a form!! Our survey form is a feature service in portal which meets all the requirements. We created a project in workforce, assigned our survey form to the integrated app section, set the Workforce Field to [ID] and the survey123 question Field to [email] for testing purposes. Every time I go to the IOS Workforce app, open an assignment, reroute us to survey123 an entirely new survey will be opened verses checking for an existing one. I am working with an ESRI rep and he doesn't even understand why this is happening. 


FYI - I did create another enterprise gdb environment with the esri reps attachment and I am still have the same problems getting workforce to open an existing feature.


Portal v10.6 | federated

SQL 2012




Esri - Notes


It was a pleasure talking with you the other day! I am glad we were able to hop on a screen share and troubleshoot the behavior we are encountering.

Just to recap: 

  • We had discussed that I was able to reproduce the behavior when I had the Geopoint on the Survey123 survey.
  • We removed the geopoint in the Survey132 survey and tested again. 
  • We were able to reproduce the same behavior.
  • I had advised that I would test with the XLSForm passed along. 

I have been testing on my end and unfortunately am encountering some issues with the feature service published on my end. I have created the survey using the existing feature service and published the survey to my Portal. I have configured the Survey123 custom submission URL in a web map for use in Collector. I collect the point in collector and click the link to go to the survey. Once the survey opens I fill out the information as we did on the screen share, but when I submit the survey the submission hangs on "TestReportServicsTested" related table. I had captured the web traffic when submitting and it seems that the requests that are being made are made for every single other service in the server and not the table of interest.

Moving forward as I am working through the testing limitations encountered I have a couple of tests to try to obtain a better idea of the behavior encountered. 

  •  I have attached a file geodatabase with a feature class to this email. Please import the feature class into the enterprise geodatabase and publish the service the same as the NEOForms feature class. Please create a new survey and remove the geopoint question from the survey. Once the survey is published and the custom submission URL is created for the survey please test the workflow again. Are we able to reproduce the same behavior? 
  • For our existing NEOFroms feature service if we create a new survey in Survey123 connect and remove the geopoint question and republish a brand new survey do we obtain the same behavior? 

If you have any questions or updates please feel free to contact me via phone by calling 888-377-4575 and referencing this case #02309159, or simply by replying to this email.