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Tracker - bluetooth GPS being used?

Question asked by dbecker88 on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by cgillgrass-esristaff

We're using the Tracker Mobile app with various bluetooth GPS receivers (BadElf Surveyor and EOS Arrow-100) both of which have a horizontal accuracy around 1m, the Arrow-100 commonly gets below 0.5m. Collector is correctly reporting the GPS accuracy, yet the field team is saying that Tracker reports 15+ ft accuracy.



1) Does tracker (iOS) use the connected bluetooth GPS receiver to position points?


2) The location_tracking hosted feature service records "Horizontal Accuracy" in the attribute table, along with other GNSS metadata, but what is the h. accuracy unit? Meters, feet, ect...?


3) Why is some of the GNSS metadata missing, i.e. <Null> in the feature service? I know that Collector erases GNSS metadata when a feature is manually placed, what causes this behavior in Tracker?