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Survey123 data transferring to client

Question asked by Anu.Sawant_PDP on Apr 29, 2019
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I need help regarding how to deliver the data collected in Survey123 to the client for future updation.

I am working on a project where I am designing a Survey to collect data for a client. The collected data then will be handed over to a client and have to regenerate this Survey for them. They will be using this Survey to update an existing database or create a new record in future.

For testing my workflow, I have created a copy of Hosted feature service and recreated a survey using it. In the new survey, I can view an existing record in Inbox and update it, also collect a new record. The only issue I am facing is to recreate a report for an existing record (updated) with photos. I can see the photos in the feature service but can't get it printed on a template

So my questions are

1) Is this a correct workaround?

2) is there any way I can get these photos printed on a template? 


Any help would be highly appreciated.