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How do I get rid of the Add-In tab in my ArcGIS Pro add-in?

Question asked by BRufenacht on Apr 26, 2019
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I have created an add-in using the template in Visual Studio and I added my own custom tab in the ArcGIS Pro ribbon to hold my buttons. The Add-In tab that is included in the base template still shows up in my ribbon, and hold identical buttons to my custom tab. How do I remove the add-in tab so I do not have two identical tabs? This does not change the functionality of my add-in, but it is a bit annoying.


Here is the tab section of my daml:

    <insertModule id="Floodplain_Plotting_Module" className="Module1" autoLoad="false" caption="Floodplain Plotting">
        <tab id="Floodplain_Plotting_Tab1" caption="Plotting" keytip="p">
          <group refID="Floodplain_Plotting_Group1" />
        <group id="Floodplain_Plotting_Group1" caption="Plot" appearsOnAddInTab="true" keytip="P">
          <button refID="Floodplain_Plotting_ShoreliningTool" size="middle" />
          <button refID="Floodplain_Plotting_ExpanderWindow" size="middle" />
          <button refID="Floodplain_Plotting_ExpandToBoundaryWindow" size="middle" />