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Projection: Find based on known location and Coordinates?

Question asked by AlexandreH_275G on Apr 26, 2019
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Hello ESRI community,


I have a pickle of a problem to solve. I have two sets of X/Y data that I am trying to import into Arcmap 10.5


x: 548806.3586555115

y: 4182528.116922065


I know one thing about these numbers--they relate to San Francisco, CA.


My professor suggested I try and troubleshoot the problem by setting up various projection styles in Arcmap and examining the change to the coordinate display in the bottom right. From this I can conclude that these numbers are likely in feet or meters rather than in decimal degrees. However, when I take the .csv into Arcmap and translate x/y to points with the projected NAD1987 US Feet these points are no where near SF. I brought in a known SF data set from their open portal and both feet and meters are no where near the numbers listed above.


How on earth (pun intended) can I get the right projection for this data set given the numbers I have so that I can turn my data into something useful?


I have looked at the following: How To: Identify an unknown projected coordinate system using ArcMap 10.1 and later versions but it doesn't address the problem that I have.


Thank you so much for any help.