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Polygon Symbology using RGB Attribute Field - Arc Pro

Question asked by angelo.mangiardi on Apr 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2019 by xander_bakker

Was wondering if anyone could walk me through this workflow problem I'm having.  I'm relatively new to the Arc Pro world. 


I have a series of polygon files (50+ layers representing various geologic rock units); the recommended discrete color assignments are embedded in the attribute table of each layer in a single text field that contains the suggested rgb code for the various rock type.  Each layer can have over 100 unique units with up to 30 different color assignments - so manually inputting these color definitions would be extremely time consuming.


Reviewing the help notes, sounds like I should be able to do this by working through the Vary symbology by color—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop though, I'm finding the instructions a bit confusing.


It states that the field must contain numeric data.  Can I assign the colors if the R G B values were split into 3 separate fields in numeric form, and then using some kind of Arcade Expression?  I don't think converting the R,G,B values to HEX would solve my issue as that is another alphanumeric text system. 


Is assigning color symbology based on an RGB field even possible?  I remember it wasn't in Arc Map, but was under the impression that it was doable in Arc Pro. 


Any guidance would be most appreciated.