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Question asked by ParentCorvallis on Apr 24, 2019
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I am developing an inspection survey and I have a question that includes a "select_multiple" type. I have 6 choices in my list under the list tab and one of the choices is "other." This question is a smart form question and if "other" is selected then I have text line open to describe what "other" entails. I have discovered that this does not work if "other" is selected along with one of the other 5 options. I can not figure out how to write the relevant expression to include "other" and or any of the other 5 options. It is possible in the survey to select from the 5 specific choices and also select "other" if there is an observance that is discovered that is not conventional? Any insight on how to write a "relevant" expression to accommodate this would be very helpful. Thanks : )