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Change thousand and decimal separator in Arcgis Portal

Question asked by miguel.martinez_1 on Apr 24, 2019

I'm using Portal 10.6.1 and It works ok but I want to change number format:


Now I see numbers like that (incorrect):

This format is european but I configured my Portal for MX and Spanish, so I don't understand why is showing this number format


I want this format(correct):


Webmaps(identify), Dashboard(all numbers), WebmapApps(all widgets), all of them shows numbers using this incorrect format, usage of Portal(see the image) is showing the same incorrect format, so I think it's a global parameter.

I tried with Culture, Region and Language parameters in Portal but It doesn't work, I see number in the same incorrect format.

My IIS and Operating System are configured in correct number format(Region and language)

Where can I modify Portal parameters or directly change the javascript function that formats numbers to see different( in the correct format)?


I would appreciate your help.