Warning Message in the Portal Logs

Discussion created by patton44 on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by dcoley

I recently installed ArcGIS Portal and Data Store, 10.6.1. They were installed on two different servers. In the Portal logs I am seeing the following warning message.


"The database server was found to be stopped. Re-starting it." The warning code is 217060.


The warning message was repeating numerous times throughout the day for several days. I restarted the Portal service and the Data Store service. Initially, that seemed to resolve the problem. The last warning was logged at 11:00 AM yesterday. This morning the warning message again appeared in the logs. Although, not with the same frequency as in days past. So far, I've seen the message three times. 


A PostgresSQL error message is also being generated in the Event Viewer at the same time.


"pg_ctl:another server might be running; trying to start the server anyway"


No errors are found in the Event Viewer on the server where the Data Store has been installed. The servers have not been rebooted or stopped.  


This is the first time I've installed Portal and the Data Store and I am not a PostgresSQL expert. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any recommendations on how to get it fixed? Thanks!