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Unable to access/download preplanned map area created in AGOL in new Collector

Question asked by lbetanco_umn_egis on Apr 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by CLawrence-esristaff

Colin Lawrence


I have created a small preplanned map area in AGOL for use in the new Collector app. The map area has finished packaging in AGOL, yet that same off-line area when viewed in Collector says "Generating." It has said "Generating" overnight, hours past when the packaging completed in AGOL.


I intentionally created a very small map area to see if the size had any impact. I tested downloading an offline area using the same exact map straight in Collector (versus the preplanned area created in AGOL) and had no issues there. I was able to download a big area with lots of data including attachments with no issues.


Colin, I have a log file that I can attach to this question, but am worried that it might contain sensitive info. Is it safe to attach here, or is it possible to send via email (the data contained in the map is sensitive)? There are a few messages that read "Found an Exploded Map Package at: file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/....." - I think those are the only messages that pertain to this issue. All the other messages are regarding the offline area that successfully downloaded (I think).


As an aside, in case it is important, I am using a sideloaded basemap for the map in question. I was hoping that taking the basemap out of the downloading equation would help to speed things up. In looking at the log file in Collector, it looks like that the offline area that did successfully download still downloaded the basemap used in AGOL, rather than honoring the advanced setting of "Device will use a tile package it already has." This might be a separate issue, but throwing it in here as well. I also might be misreading the log.


Thank you!