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Relate Layers in an widget

Question asked by kilobail on Apr 25, 2019

Is it possible to relate the layers you are using in ops dashboard, so that widget can pull fields from multiple layers? I want the ability to use a field from layer1 as the x-axis on a serial chart and a field from layer2 as the the y-axis ?


I have two layers, one with line features that has a location field that uses a numbers code (i.e 1900 = LA), then I have a polygon layer with those areas, this layer has the number codes but also has the actual name of the area. I want to relate the layers so that I can have LA, NY, etc on the x-axis from my polygon layer, but the number of line features as the x-axis. I don't want to use the location column from the line layer because, viewers won't know what these code numbers mean ...