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Problem with access to public basemap from my own organization

Question asked by on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by AVenkatachal-esristaff


In january I made a Power BI report containing an "Arcgis for Power BI" visual. I added points from a table, and I used a public basemap from my organization. After configuring the visual, I logged out and shared the project through My collaborators could see the points and the basemap without logging in with an Arcgis Online account.


Today, shortly after the TLS-update, my Power BI project does not show the map visual correctly. When I open the project the visual chows a ESRI standard basemap. I have tried to log in, change the basemap, save the Power BI project and restart it. 


Have anybody seen something similar, and solved it?


Best regards

Rasmus Klog

Vejle Municipality, Denmark