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Why won't ArcGIS Pro symbolize a total range?

Question asked by eric.eagle on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by KKramer-esristaff

I have a hex grid (polygons) containing a Point_Count field (an output of Summarize Within).


The FC contains around 163,000 rows.


The Point_Count field contains values between 1 and 1200.


However, whenever I try to do a graduated symbology, the Maximum is set to 661.  When I look at statistics on the Symbology panel, it incorrectly lists the Maximum as 661.  Thus, even if I manually set the histogram to 1200 max, it "snaps" back to 661 regardless.  Consequently it will not symbolize around 200 polygons that represent values over 661.


I tested this error by doing the following:


- Creating a new feature class containing the same content and loading it from scratch (the previous layer was loaded and symbolized via script).  No difference.


- Took the same data (both original and copied) and loaded it into QGIS 3.4.  It picked up the correct min/max values without issue on both datasets.


My guess is that Pro is trying to be "helpful" somewhere but durned if I know how or why.


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Note: no specific data is required to recreate this - anyone can take a random cluster of dots across a grid of this size, run summarize within, and obtain a similar output.  My cells are 50m radius (circle inside).