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Near Me Widget interaction with the Layer List layers, WAB's 2.8 - 2.11

Question asked by dcoley on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by dcoley

Hello - 

I have been using the grouping capability of the header widget in the foldable theme in order to group together various combinations of eSearch, Filter, Group Filter, NearMe, etc with the Layer List widget so that my users are presented with both a layer list and their primary tool in one group when the application opens.


As I am updating my WABs from 2.8 to 2.11, I am noticing that when ever I close the 'Group' widget from its location on the Header, the webmap is returned to it's default state. 


So for example if I want to have my users access the Print widget, and the print widget is contained in the Header, they click the print icon.  That closes the group widget and the map layers are reset to their default visibility setting.


For an example of what I am talking about, go to , turn off the green elementary school zones and turn on the blue middle school zones.  Then click the Print Icon on the header.  You will see the map layers revert to their default visibility state.


The only 2 workarounds I can think of are to:


1. Include any widget in the header that, if you want to interact with it while preserving your map layers, then that widget must also be placed in the group.

2. Place any widget, such as Print onto the map as an on-screen widget.


Does anyone have any idea where to go in the WAB to modify this behavior so that when the group of widgets is closed from the header, map layer visibility is not affected?