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Address points not on actual structure , but are on end of driveway

Question asked by NikkiHill on Apr 22, 2019
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There is an app my County elections office hosted on ArcGIS Online. This app and the assessor’s office app have one fatal flaw, the address points created by the County 911 are placed at the end of the driveways. When using this address point layer as the search layer which is the most comprehensive layer database my county has, creates the problem because boundaries for jurisdictions usually follows the parcel lines. And if the address point is outside of the parcel at the end of the driveway the return district/precinct/levee can be wrong.



One major undertaking between myself, the County 911 will be coming up with a way to get one addressing layer with all address points on the structure. That way when I go to create an application, the district, levee, or area I am looking for would be accurately represented when I put in an address.



I am not experienced in scripts, let alone know where to even enter it in ArcPro. Is there a way to do this less painfully than moving my 35000+ address points to be located on top of the structure instead of at the end of the driveways?