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Story Map Journal Content Disappeared

Question asked by kbcarlso on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by kbcarlso

Hi-  I have just come across a problem that I have never seen before and hoping there is someone out there to shed some light on the cause.  


I have student working on a Journal story map on her Mac using Safari... not sure if there are any known issues with this browser and the builder, but she has constructed a lengthy story with text, pictures, and created new maps within the builder. She logged out and came back to find an empty shell, the Web App is listed in her Content along with all the maps she created, but to the Story Map opens as it does the first time it is create with this screen:


I had her log into to AGOL Assistant to see if her content shows in the Json, but it is an empty Web App, none of her work was saved or it was deleted/removed somehow.  Yikes!  


Any thoughts?  Thanks much-