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Listing Field Aliases with Python and Pro

Question asked by dylanh0 on Apr 17, 2019
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This is a follow up problem to my previous dilemma: Turn Off Fields with Python which is working, however, we keep discovering things that need to be added to preserve all the properties of the original project (TOC order and visibility, group layers, disable popups, etc.). The final thing (we think) that needs to be preserved is field aliases. Now I know there are at least two ways to access this property - arcpy.ListFields() or arcpy.Describe().fields

Neither of which seem to work - they always list the actual field names, not the aliases, even when aliases exist. 

I have been testing this directly in the Python window within Pro. Below is a screenshot of a test layer field table, with the two methods to access field properties below.


Is this another bug in Pro or is there something here that I completely missing..??