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Hi, I'm starting to learn ArcGis Pro and can't figure this one out, I have a csv files with a few fields, building name, the longitude and the latitude, a resale price and a year column to mark the difference in the resale price. So far I have added a lay

Question asked by stevetan on Apr 17, 2019
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How to add a layer that shows heatmap with resale price.

How to add a time animation to shows the resale price changes throughout the time period.


Table data format:

HDB LocationYearsDatetimeAverage of resale_priceLonLat
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20001/1/2000178750103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20011/1/2001174166.6667103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20021/1/2002180333.3333103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20031/1/2003201833.3333103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20041/1/2004193000103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20051/1/2005180000103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20061/1/2006222500103.86452181.3034886
1 BEACH ROAD SINGAPORE20071/1/2007209500103.86452181.3034886