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Add off panel widget to Portal WAB?

Question asked by timdine on Apr 17, 2019

I've built my off panel widget (A custom splash screen) and it's working great in the developer edition.  I've also added it to a ArcGIS Portal installation by including the widget in:

Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\webappviewer\widgets


Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\webappbuilder\widgets


This appears to be working and I can create new applications with the new widget.  Existing sites it doesn't appear as configurable in the Portal WAB (until after you modify the JSON of the item manually).



If I add my widget to Portal using the normal method of putting the custom widgets in a shared virtual directory and adding them as an 'app extension' they seem to only behave as on panel widgets.


Is this true or is this shared virtual directory supposed to work with off panel widgets too.  I thought I read somewhere it isn't supported.


Other than being unsupported has anyone else used the method of pasting in a custom widget into the folders listed above?  What is the gotcha that is being missed using this method?