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Total Black Screen instead of Map (ArcMap)

Question asked by andrea.paindelli on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by andrea.paindelli
Good afternoon,


I write here because I am experiencing some issues with my ArcGIS version. 
Below a little description of what my problem is: 


I have a student License for ArcGIS Desktop with Newcastle University. 


I'm trying to open some maps that I have, but I always have the same problem: I cannot visualize any map. I have just a black screen. 


Checking on the internet it seems like the map "has no spatial references", but I can easily visualize it on other computers, so I don't know where my problem came from. 


I tried to fix this problem following some suggestions found on the internet, but nothing happened. 


I have exactly the same problem, anyway if I try with other maps/shape files. 
You can find a screen attached.
How can I solve this issues?
Thank You in advance,