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Hiding Symbols in ArcGIS Online, but doesn't work the same in Collector

Question asked by Matth on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Matth

Hello all,


I'm creating a simple app for our communities Earth Day/Arbor Day. I uploaded our existing data containing tree species in a domain to ArcGIS Online. The domain of species is about 37 species. However, this year we're only giving away 6 of those 37 species. In ArcGIS Online, I used the Types (Unique Symbols) style and dragged all but the 6 to the bottom under the Other style category, essentially 'hiding' them in the Content view (see attachment).  It works great. So when I Edit, in ArcGIS Online, I only see those 6 tree species.  Additionally, in the layer filter, I used a set of expressions to isolate those 6 tree species.


However, in Collector I get the entire list of tree species from the hosted domain.Why doesn't Collector honor the same symbology filter when collecting a point feature?


My attached screen cap shows ArcGIS Online vs Collector (outlined in red).