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Field [name] in [Survey Title] length is too short 25.

Question asked by on Apr 15, 2019
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I want to add a new item to my Choices domain tab. In the past I have just added the item in a new line on my spreadsheet, updated the survey, published it, and the new item shows up as a new select_one option in the survey. Simple. However, when I try to add this new (slightly longer) item, I get this error: 


Field Surfactant in Pesticide Application record length is too short 25.


I tried increasing the bind::esri:fieldlength for my Surfactant row to 30 and 50 and even 255 to accommodate the new item I want to add to my Choices (which is only 27 characters), but every time I get this same exact error about "...record length is too short 25."


Why do I get this same message, despite the fact that I increased my field length? Why does it still think it is 25 (and thus too short for my new item?)