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Unable to access Storymap - The Map Series does not exist or is inaccessible

Question asked by RC_GIS on Apr 16, 2019

Back in 2017 I set up 12 storymaps all feeding from the same map. I have just gone in to edit the final one and it will not let me view or edit the storymap and I get an error saying "The Map Series does not exist or is inaccessible." It will allow me to access the other 11 and make changes. All other storymaps are working properly and they are all set up identically. All data, maps etc is shared publicly.


When checking the status of all surveys on the only error is that 2 images used are http and not https. This was the case for the other 11 storymaps and I have subsequently fixed it.


What can I do to get the storymap back?