Showing Status Bar Globe Animation

Discussion created by rcoodey on Mar 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by intd_hose
Ok, I'm not sure why something so simple is not working... I am porting some tools over to 10 add-ins...

I used to have this code:
            Application.StatusBar.ProgressAnimation.Play(0, -1, -1);
            Application.StatusBar.ProgressAnimation.Message = "Processing...";

The "Processing..." message shows, but the spinning globe does not, any ideas?

Things I have tried/added:
- Application.StatusBar.PlayProgressAnimation(true);
- Application.StatusBar.Message[0] = "Processing..."; (does not show message this way)
- ApplicationUtilities.Application.StatusBar.Panes += (Int32)esriStatusBarPanes.esriStatusAnimation + (Int32)esriStatusBarPanes.esriStatusMain;
- Application.StatusBar.ShowProgressAnimation("Processing...", null);
- Application.DoEvents(); (after doing the above)

None of the above seem to show the spinning globe... I must be missing something simple.  Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!