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How does Survey123 automatically answer questions from answers to previous questions?

Question asked by kaitlynabr on Apr 15, 2019
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I am struggling with which columns to use for a series of questions in my survey.  What I need from my survey is the ability to answer multiple questions directly from the previous questions in my survey.  For example, the signing project I am doing requires a question for 'sign type,' 'sign quantity,' 'post quantity,' 'post dimensions,' and 'post height,' and all these questions are intertwined depending on the 'sign type' answered at the beginning of the survey.  A couple specific examples are as follows:


1.    If sign type is equal to 'stop sign (36x36)' the post quantity should automatically default to '2 posts' and the post dimensions should be 'square tube.'


2.    If sign type is equal to 'any kind of object marker (All OM sign types)' the post dimensions should be 'u-channel' and the post height should be '7 feet.'

               -side note: One type of object marker need a default of '0 posts' to give context on how complex this survey is                going to have to be.


My struggle is with which columns I should be using to decipher this information, what calculations, and whether or not this survey is too complex to make efficient.  There are over 200 sign types I am working with, so I originally thought using the pulldata function was the best way to sort out the categories of signs.  I have used relevant statements to add questions if necessary.  I also began trying if statements, but those seemed challenging due to the amount of sign types there are.


What am I doing right or wrong?  How should I be sorting my data?  Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have attached my data to make this question easier to answer.