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Service Area Analysis - different results in ArcMap vs ArcPro ?

Question asked by sonajoe on Apr 12, 2019
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I am trying to create a 2.5 mile service area around all the fire stations with Ladder Trucks. I ran the analysis in ArcMap and in Pro, using the same settings. But the results don't match. The Line generated matches but not the polygons. For example , the screen shot below shows the service area polygons and Line created in Pro (green) and ArcMap(blue) . There are no line generated in the area highlighted in the middle, but the ArcGIS Pro generated service area polygon covers that area. Also, the service area polygon for station 45 looks so different in Pro vs ArcMap even though the line generated are the same.-






Any idea what could be causing this ? Is ArcGIS Pro more accurate than ArcMap?