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Composite check to find where a point feature is not intersecting (touching) either feature class A OR feature class B

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2019
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Hi there, seem to be having trouble with the composite check(s).

What check do I need to use to identify where point features are not intersecting one of two feature classes?


For example:


I have water line fittings as a point feature class.


I want to make sure all fittings are placed on (e.g. intersecting) EITHER our lateral lines feature class OR our main lines feature class.


I've tried using a composite check to create two geometry on geometry checks:

   1.) Identify fittings not intersecting main lines.

   2.) Identify fittings not intersecting lateral lines.


It is clear that the fitting I am testing is connected to the water lines in our geometric network, as the fitting is functioning as a node (e.g. I can click on the fitting in edit mode and click and drag it, causing the water lines it is connected with to drag with it). Yet this fitting keeps getting flagged in the reviewer table.


This isn't working. Is there something I am missing? How do I make my composite check into an OR condition?


Thanks for any help or advice.